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Here we have answered some of your questions related to Ace-Corp
Investment Limited activity. We hope this information will be useful to you.

  • + What kind of activity does Ace-Corp Investment Limited carry out?

    Ace-Corp Investment Limited deals with manufacturing and processing parts from steel, zinc, iron-carbon alloys and silver.

  • + How old is your company?

    Ace-Corp Investment Limited has been working in the field of manufacturing and processing parts of various metals and alloys for over 7 years..

  • + Is the business of your company legal?

    Of course, it is. Ace-Corp Investment Limited is an officially registered company and works within the legal framework under registration number 11379960. Documents on registration are published on the homepage of the website and in the "About us" section.

  • + Who may become an investor of Ace-Corp Investment Limited?

    Anyone of age (irrespective of their place of residence) at the time of registration may become a participant and carry out investment activity.

  • + What investment plan does the company offer?

    Our Company developed an investment plan of "3% daily for 20 days"(Principal Return).

  • + What are the minimum and maximum amounts of deposits?

    Minimum deposit amount makes up $30, whereas maximum deposit is limited by $100,000.

  • + Which site section contains a partner link?

    It is in "Partner program" section of your personal account.

  • + Is the personal confidential information secure?

    Information provided by you to the Company is strictly confidential. The website simultaneously implements a few algorithms for data security and encryption. We are concerned with the safety of your data.

  • + Which digital currencies do you accept?

    At present we accept Perfect Money, Advcash, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash.

  • + Is it possible to register several accounts?

    No, registration of several accounts is strictly forbidden by the rules of the platform.

  • + Is online registration a mandatory one?

    Of course, as the possibility to make investments appears only after free online registration.

  • + How can I withdraw funds?

    You need to browse to 'Withdrawal of funds' page, choose a suitable payment system, enter amount to be withdrawn and click on the 'Next' button.

  • + Are there any fees for depositing or withdrawing funds?

    No, we charge no fees except for those foreseen by the payment systems.

  • + Do you have a partner program?

    Yes, we have a three-level partner program (8% - 1% - 1%).

  • + How do I earn money in Partner program?

    You need to invite new users to the platform to work in partner program. The only mandatory condition for the program is the online registration of users using your referral link.

  • + What should I do if I forgot my password?

    Please, use 'Forgot your password?' option available at the website.

  • + Can I change my data (password or email)?

    Yes, of course. You can change your password in your personal account. However, your email can be changed only by the site administrator through the contacts published at the website.

  • + What information is necessary for registration procedure?

    Ace-Corp Investment Limited does not require any specific personal details. All that you need to complete registration is login, password, your actual email and a secret code (for your own safety).

  • + What is the minimum amount for money withdrawal?

    The minimum allowed amount for withdrawal is $1; in case of transferring funds into cryptocurrency, the minimum allowed amount is $5. All withdrawals are processed instantly.

  • + How much time does it take to activate the deposit?

    Your deposit is activated immediately. In case of making a deposit in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash, you need to get three blockchain confirmations in the network.

  • + Are there any restrictions for number of deposits?

    No, you can make an unlimited number of deposits.

  • + How is referral remuneration accrued?

    The algorithm automatically defines a new investor as the one attracted by you and assigns such an investor to your account. When the new investor makes a deposit, the referral fee is automatically accrued to your account.

  • + How can I secure access to my account?

    In addition to the standard recommendations not to submit your personal information to third parties, the website also has the option to enable additional levels of protection, such as application of two-factor authorization, secret question/answer, restrictions according to IP and the user's browser.

  • + Can I leave online feedback?

    We are a contemporary developing company, so we'll be happy to get any feedback on our activity and work.

  • + Can I check information at my account any time I want?

    All the information is available at our website 24/7.

Any additional questions to ask?

Please, turn to customer support for advice and you will get help by all means!

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