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Leaders of metallurgy

Processing and products of steel,
zinc, iron and silver

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how do we do? About us advantages

  • Leading position 01

    Ace-Corp Investment Limited is the leading Company on the market, which knows its business at 100% rate.

  • Technological process 02

    We have our own production and logistics capacities. Quality control is implemented at every stage of manufacture.

  • Quality assurance 03

    We give quality assurance of work performed and provide a wide range of services.

  • Professional staff 04

    We have the most experienced specialists in their field. You can rely on our team and be sure that each of them will perform their work as best as possible.

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Welcome to Ace-Corp Investment Limited!

As the technologies of metal industry develop, the requirements to the quality of products become stricter. At present, raising productivity of parts processing while ensuring the required quality of the treated surface is an important task of each production. This task is aimed at reducing the cost of manufactured products and improving their competitiveness accordingly.

Ace-Corp Investment Limited is a contemporary developing company, one of the leading companies on the market, which deals with manufacturing and processing parts from steel, zinc, iron-carbon alloys and silver.

Due to professionalism and high standards of quality, innovative equipment, efficiency of manufacture and delivery, our Company has won the trust of consumers for 7 years of its work. We welcome new customers, build partnerships and focus on long-term cooperation.

Our vision

Contemporary world demonstrates impulsive changes, so only those who react and change faster than the others win in this battle for existence.

We have a unique possibility of working in the leading Company of one of the key branches of heavy industry. Moreover, we understand that, on the one hand, everything related to steel production, various non-ferrous metals is basic in the Company's work. On the other hand, Ace-Corp Investment Limited differs from many other companies by the special approach: in managing business and people, we acknowledge significance and importance of work with people and for people.

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How do we function? Lines of business specialization

  • 01

    Jewelry production made of silver is a combination of labor-intensive processes that require maximum professionalism. For us, the quality of precious metal is paramount, and therefore, all our products comply with up-to-date standards and have excellent characteristics.

  • 02
    Galvanization of
    metal products

    Plating (galvanization) is the creation of a protective, functional and decorative thin layer of metallic substance on various metal products. Due to this, the surface gets additional hardness, strength, durability, as well as reliable protection against corrosion.

  • 03
    Steel rolling

    Rolling is the most common way of metal treatment by plastic working. Like any other method of metal forming, rolling serves not only to obtain the desired shape of the product, but also to form certain structure and properties.

  • 04
    Alloying of metals

    In manufacture, alloying of metal is used to transfer it from active to passive state. As a result of alloying, metal surface is covered with an inert film with unique protective characteristics. With the help of alloying, the metal is protected from structural corrosion of all types.

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among other things technological process our services

We manufacture products using a variety of technologies applied in the jewelry business:

  • casting
  • ,
  • blackening
  • ,
  • diamond cut
  • ,
  • gilding
  • ,
  • usage of colored enamels
  • ,
  • inlaying of natural stones and synthetic material
  • .

  • COMPANY NUMBER 11379960 download *.pdf
  • Company address: 59 Drury Lane Strand, London,
    United Kingdom, WC2B 5QA

What we offer:

  1. Coatings. It can be protective and decorative, electrolytic or special coatings (electrical insulating, magnetic, anti-wearing ones). Depending on the scope of application of the device and the wishes of the customer it is possible to do the following: silver plating, tinning, copper plating, gilding, blackening, cadmium coating, nickeling of metal.
  2. Preparation of surfaces for galvanization. This is a key stage as durability and functionality of the protective film will directly depend on plating quality. This process involves a whole range of procedures.

    Namely they are: removal of previous coatings (varnish, paint, protective solutions) and cleaning from impurities and oxides by mechanical treatment, polishing (electrochemical or electro-plasma) and grinding. Upon completion of these manipulations, the material is absolutely ready and susceptible to application of a new coating layer.

We will change the technical characteristics of various surfaces for the better quickly and in a quality manner, thereby prolonging the operating life of your equipment and products!

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