Ace-Corp Investment Limited

terms Terms and Conditions

The agreement regulates business relationships between Ace-Corp Investment Limited company (the Company) and the Investor.
Any of the points of the Agreement may be changed by the Company’s administration without notice to Investors.

01 General provisions

  1. Only people of age can become the clients of the Company.
  2. Registration procedure is mandatory for everyone who wishes to become an investor of Ace-Corp Investment Limited.
  3. By online registration the investor confirms his/her acceptance of all Rules of Ace-Corp Investment Limited.
  4. For violation of any of the rules we will have to react respectively:
    1. - in case of a single violation, a written notification will be sent to the specified email;
    2. - in case of further violations, the Company has the right to terminate all relations with a violating investor unilaterally.
  5. The Company reserves the right to make changes in published Rules and Regulations.
  6. In case of changes in applicable rules and regulations, the Company shall inform its investors 2 days prior to making such changes.
  7. Ace-Corp Investment Limited shall not be liable for loss of data.

02 Confidentiality

  1. All information provided to the Company by the investor is mandatory and strictly confidential.
  2. Our Company guarantees safety of information on financial transactions between the client and the Company, as well as between the Company and investors.

03 Disclaimer

  1. All information and materials published on the website shall be viewed as it is which means to understand everything literally without any express or implied warranties.
  2. Available website contents shall not be viewed by the client as insurance, tax, legal or investment advice. The Company shall not be liable for any loss, damage, client drawdown or use of any information contained at our website.

04 Rules of investment

  1. Any investment is a confidential transaction between the investor and Ace-Corp Investment Limited.
  2. All financial operations at Ace-Corp Investment Limited website are carried out on the client's own free fill. The amount of deposits is defined by the clients themselves.
  3. The minimum deposit amount of investment is $30.
  4. One investor may register only one account at Ace-Corp Investment Limited website.

05 Partner program

  1. Any investor of Ace-Corp Investment Limited has the right to participate in referral and partner program.
  2. Abuse of methods of obtrusive or viral advertisement of your personal referral link is forbidden.
  3. Shall the Company discover the violations mentioned in clause 5.2, the Company reserves the right to terminate all kinds of cooperation with the violating investor unilaterally.

06 Final provisions

  1. As soon as the investor completes online registration, all the above mentioned Rules and Regulations enter into force.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to invest money that is received illegally.
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If you don’t agree with any of the terms listed, you shouldn’t be a client of our company. Therefore, you shouldn’t register on this website. If you register, you agree with this regulation in the fullest extent.

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